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The KCTL Corporate Desk has been helping corporate clients in adopting comprehensive strategies to manage their price and exchange risk volatility since the time of their inception. The desk strives to develop customized risk-mitigation solutions and strategies, tailored to protect company profits from excessive volatility, particularly in these uncertain times. We endeavor to provide you with consistent, realistic data-based analysis and recommendations.


Our Corporate Desk’s end-to-end support begins with a comprehensive review of the client’s commodity exposure and transaction cycle. Thereafter, we perform an in-depth market analysis and accurately assess client risk and requirements before devising the right strategy. Following a systematic approach, the desk offers a combination of customer friendly approach and managed services to keep client profitability on track even as it attempts to minimize regulatory and compliance costs.


The Corporate Desk Approach

  • Discover: Identify the need and relevant commodity exposure
  • Design: Devise a strategy according to the purchase cycle of the company
  • Develop: Formulate a strategy
  • Demonstrate: Pilot-test the strategy
  • Deploy: Put it in action, corresponding to the purchase cycle
  • Control and review: Review and modify strategies according to market movement


Special Features

  • Expertise in handling large corporate for hedging and trading strategies
  • Customized research reports
  • Customized back-office reports
  • Dedicated relationship managers for instant solutions
  • Large volume-processing capability
  • Adherence to strict time schedules
  • Query handling within 24 hours
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